Mighty Brawls

by WillyWiggs at 10:31 PM
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Hey everyone,

This week, starting today, October 19th, and ending October 26th, we will all be partaking in the AFK Challenge. You don't have to be AFK, but we are going to see who has put the most hours into the server. The player who has will go home with Diamond Rank!

Let me know if you are going to participate so I can account for the hours you already put into the server!

Have fun!
by WillyWiggs at 3:27 PM
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Hey everyone,

I was thinking of the week that it might be fun if we get the whole community involved in some challenges! Parkour is fun, but it is not for everyone, so that is why starting today everyone is welcome to join the October Building Competition! In short, whoever builds the best base voted on by the community (we will all take screenshots) will go home with Iron Rank (the entire team) and a donation of $100,000 deposited in your factions treasury.

Start Date: Right Now!
End Date: Wednesday, October 23rd, 7:00 PM Eastern Pacific Time

Here are the basic requirements in order for you to be fairly evaluated,
- You must be part of a faction
- Each faction will have one representative who is in charge of
- Posting the screen shots of the final base
- Letting WillyWiggs or Crab200 know they are part of the competition
- Depositing the 100k in to the factions treasury
- And the one who will be receiving the rank promotion...​
by WillyWiggs at 4:23 AM
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Hey everyone,

I am going to keep this short since Crab and I have a lot of work to do but welcome to Mighty Brawls. Right now we are buffing out the rest of the faction server and trying to get as large of a community as possible. Thank you for joining the server and hopefully, I get to meet each and every one of you.

Above this thread (if you click into the thread) you can see a simple poll about the ways in which you could have potentially found us. Please vote!

Mighty Brawls Team